Team Awesome® Professional Services

Only one group of individuals is cunning enough to take on the worlds of both aural and visual creation in such a way, never before witnessed by man. They are known as Team Awesome®.

What Can Team Awesome® do for you?

Sound Tracks / Live Performances:
Including Team Awesome®: The Musical Group
Consisting of several individual electronic music artists and producers (also rock, metal, and alternative artists available from time to time), we use industry standard Pro Tools® recording system to do everything from score your film (with a sound that’s out of this world), to producing individual artists’ music. We also utilize older recording formats such as MiniDisc and DAT, if you find such a medium more suitable. In addition, you can select and license music from our wide range of pre-recorded material. We also can perform our own music at clubs, shows, raves, and parties, as well as provide DJ services, catering mostly to electronic music. In-studio audio production and live DJ service currently available in Southern New York State, New York City, Northern Pennsylvania, as well as the Phoenix (Arizona), Tampa (Florida), Denver (Colorado), and Los Angeles, (California) Metropolitan Areas.

Film Production:
We use Sony Vegas Video® software and Sony® Digital Video hardware to produce everything from downloadable movies and video in flash format for websites as well as in every major format (Windows Media® , QuickTime®, AVI, MPEG, etc.) to DVD and Blu-Ray® productions with full interactive menus, Dolby® 5.1 Surround Sound with subtitles, and full chapter selection. We can produce every step of the way, from original shooting of video, to packaging videos. We can also be hired to assist with any single part of production, whether it be editing video or second unit work. We currently specialize in short film production (30 minutes or less), music video production, and demonstration videos.

Art Design / Photography:
Our graphic design artists can create customized artwork for your album or video cover and/or backgrounds for video menus or websites. We do everything from touch-ups and enhancements, to completely original work and editing catered toward what the client requires. We also offer photography services.


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